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Originally made to be a boss in ‘Dominus Infernus’ my A-RPG project (check here), this guy is such a brute I can’t not see him flying into a wall and smashing it, so he will also be featured here of course.

God I need to start making armor for these guys.

Demon Knight

This is the Demon Knight under his armor. I will be making an armor set and create variations by removing parts of the armor to expose the monster beneath.

This guy started from this guy, which I might use as a base for a Necromancer type character:


This guy is also going to be in the other game with the werewolf. He is a vampire and he can also be transformed into from my base human model. I haven’t finished his arms and legs yet. I am aiming to also have a thinner version and a bulkier version.


This guy is also going to be in another one of my games. He is made in such a way that my base human can transform into a werewolf. I’m going to make an even bulkier version and a thinner version of him to add variation. In the game this guy will be able to leap onto you ‘Hunter’ from L4D style.


I wanted to have an Ogre in the horde that attacks the castle and I wanted him to be fat, so I made this guy. He also needs some work and also eyes, teeth and armor sets. He will have a huge club and swing it around hitting everything in his path.


I worked on this goblin a while ago for ‘Bashing Orcs’ it’s time to load him up, add eyes, teeth and make a couple of armor sets. These guys are going to have the critter vials which you can pick up and use yourself.