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Working on the GUI

So I have been working on the arrangement of the GUI elements for Bashing Orcs as well as it’s functionality.

I got an asset to get a head start – I make my own GUI assets, but sometimes it’s too time consuming and detracts from the task at hand – so I picked one that had a fantasy theme and provided a bunch of the elements I needed. ( Dark Fantasy GUI  is the one I used here).

Item Slots

I have decided that the player will have a bar with the items/spells/abilities at his disposal. On PC these are mapped onto the numerical keys for testing purposes. I’m not sure how many I will have at the end, but Unity’s new GUI system allows the addition and removal of slots to be as easy as just removing the element from the Hierarchy and the rest will update accordingly based on UI Layout components I have setup.

There you will also find the XP bar (which I’m currently figuring out how I want it to function between games), but also a Health Orb (left, red ball) and a Mana Orb (right, blue).

You can functionally swap between the already created abilities (fireball, skeleton army, stake gun etc) and the respective items consume the correct resources and update the displays, but I don’t have icons.

You can see the key mapped to each slot on it’s upper right hand corner as well.

Ammo Display

Here I have improved the appearance of the ammo display and I have added another one on the other side. I’m thinking of the player being able to shoot one weapon, while also being able to have a second set of throw-ables available on the other mouse button or gamepad trigger.

The display is tied up to the currently active weapons and update accordingly.

Wave Display

I added a place in which the current wave will be displayed (at least at the beginning, I might move it to the side when it begins. I also need to make a timer display for both the wave duration and the time in between.

Mana Potion

Finally I created a quick ‘Mana Potion’ bottle to improve the look of the pick-up, too many spheres lurking around.

Skeleton Army: spawn animation, follow logic, ragdoll setup

This weekend I spent some time making the skeleton mob animations, spawning with particle effects and some simple follow and attack logic, but also working with the ragdoll-physics setup when hit.

Currently each hit kills them, so even when hit by each other they die – which is kind funny.

Next: Possibly exploding skeletons, particles on collisions and the goblins. Oh and adding the simple logic to all other characters, so they all come after you once in range.

Pick-ups and the new post-processing stack

I added some pick-ups for the grenades. Also grenades explode other grenades within range instead of pushing them away and they can trigger an explosion for any ‘Explosive’ item within range.

I played a bit with character skin, trying out some solutions.

I also hooked up a grenade amount display and added Unity’s new post-processing stack to see what it entails. It’s easier and faster to setup than having to place the effects yourself and it allows the creation of profiles, which means it’s easier to carry to other projects.